Five Question Speeding Up Decluttering Clothes

This article is about useful questions to ask when decluttering clothes.

It’s recommended for those who want to get rid of clothes but can’t bring themselves to do it.

Decluttering Clothes Can Be Emotionally Painful

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When organizing your closet, do you ever find it difficult to throw away clothes?

I always struggle when it comes to getting rid of clothes.

This is because thoughts like these cross my mind:

“I should keep this because it’s a memory.”
“This was expensive, so it would be a waste to throw it away.”
“I might wear this someday, so I should keep it.”

Thinking like this makes it hard to make progress in organizing the closet.

That’s where the five questions I’m about to introduce can help.

Five Question speeding up decluttering clothes


I use this question when decluttering clothes. This is because asking this question allows me to finish decluttering clothes quickly.

Here are the five questions:

  1. Does this clothing suit the current me?

2.Can I meet someone important while wearing this?

3.Is the ideal version of myself wearing this?

4.Have I worn this even once in the past year?

5.Am I keeping this because I think I might wear it someday?

Let me explain the reasons for asking these questions.

Does this clothing suit the current me?

Too Big Clothe

People’s appearances and body shapes change over time. Clothing that suited the old you may not necessarily suit the current you.

If you have clothes in your closet that don’t suit you anymore, update them to ones that do.

Can I meet someone important while wearing this?


Imagine that you’ve been invited on a first date with someone you really like.

In that situation, you would choose clothes that enhance your appearance.

This mindset should apply not just to dates but to your daily life as well. We never know when a life-changing encounter might happen.

Make sure to prioritize keeping clothes in your closet that elevate your impression.

Is the ideal version of myself wearing this?

 The person I want to become

Imagine yourself ten years from now, living your ideal life.

What kind of clothes is the ideal you wearing?

If the clothes you currently own are far from that vision, it might be time to let them go.

Start transforming your closet to get closer to your ideal self.

Have I worn this even once in the past year?


The chances of wearing clothes you haven’t worn even once in a year are quite low.

The reason you’re keeping them is likely due to sentimental value or memories associated with them.

Take a photo of these memorable items before letting them go, and make room for creating new memories.

Am I keeping this because I think I might wear it someday?

A girl gazing into the distance.

If the “someday” you’ve been waiting for hasn’t come yet, it’s time to let go. What matters most is your happiness in the present. A neatly organized closet can make you happy every day.

Prioritize your current happiness over the hope of “someday” happiness.

Let’s decluttering clothes and create ideal closet!

Letting go of clothes filled with memories or ones that were expensive can be accompanied by emotional pain. However, an ideal closet is worth it.

Because you’ll cherish wearing your favorite clothes every day.

People who dress in this way not only impress those around them by wearing clothes that suit them but also attract positive attention. After all, those who make a good impression tend to attract good opportunities.

Let’s work together to create your ideal closet!


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