How To Stop Buying Clothes

The theme of this article is “How to stop buying clothes.” I will introduce methods to avoid wasting money on unnecessary clothing purchases.

This article is recommended for people with the following concerns:

  • Spending a lot on shopping
  • Throwing away clothes only to buy a lot more
  • Having so many clothes that their closet is full

The ever-growing number of our clothes

In our lives, clothes naturally accumulate. This is because there are too many temptations. For example, such temptations include:

  • Sales where you can buy clothes at a good price
  • Limited edition items that you can only buy now
  • Rewards you want to give yourself after working or studying hard

These temptations are very powerful, so it’s natural for our clothes to keep increasing.

However, if we continue to buy clothes impulsively, our closets will become full.

Therefore, it is very important to find ways to avoid buying clothes unnecessarily.How to stop buying clothes

How to stop buying clothes

Now, I will introduce methods on how to stop buying clothes unnecessarily.

Do not buy storage items

Messy closet

Storage items create additional space to store clothes. This can lead to excuses for buying more clothes, so it’s best to avoid purchasing them. For example, if you have extra storage space, you might buy sale items without hesitation when you find them. Instead of buying storage items to organize your space, it’s recommended to first check if there are any clothes you can discard. There are likely some clothes in your closet that you can get rid of without any issue.

By the way, for tips on how to discard clothes, please refer to the article linked below.

Five Question Speeding Up Decluttering Clothes

When you feel the urge to buy clothes, write down your reasons on paper

Taking note

Writing down the reasons why you want to buy clothes can help reduce impulsive purchases. When you’re driven by impulse, you won’t be able to articulate convincing reasons for buying new clothes. If you can’t write down a satisfactory reason, it’s wise to pause the purchase. Conversely, if you can clearly state why you should buy the clothes, then it’s a sign that the purchase is justified. Go ahead and buy the clothes and wear them with care.

For example, when the author feels the urge to buy sneakers, they use this method. Previously, they used to buy more than 12 pairs of sneakers a year, but since adopting this practice, they now purchase only about two pairs annually.

Compare your hourly wage with the cost of the item you want to buy

Money and clock

By comparing your hourly wage with the price of the clothes you want to buy, you’ll only purchase items that are truly worth it. This helps you calmly consider, “Is it worth spending the money I worked hard to earn on this piece of clothing?” Asking this question before buying clothes has reduced our impulse purchases.

In my case, I often want to buy clothes as a reward after working hard. However, when I ask this question, I remind myself that I should use the money I’ve earned meaningfully because I worked hard for it. This helps me shift my mindset.

Always try on clothes before buying them

Trying clothe

We can’t tell if a piece of clothing suits us unless we try it on.

Have you ever experienced buying clothes online only to find out they don’t suit you and you hardly wear them?

Clothes that truly suit you are best determined through trying them on. So, to avoid buying clothes that you rarely wear, it’s best to try them on whenever possible.

However, there are some items that you can only buy online. In such cases, before purchasing clothes online, it’s a good idea to try on similar items in physical stores to confirm if they suit you. This reduces the chances of making a mistake.

Do not buy immediately

Sand clock

Try not to buy immediately, even if you really want something. Giving it some time helps distinguish between clothes you genuinely need and those you just desire. This is because modern marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated. For example, after visiting an online shopping site, it’s common to keep seeing ads reminding you to make a purchase.

During such moments, it’s easy to lose your cool and click the purchase button impulsively. That’s when it’s important to step back and take some time before buying. In my case, I wait for about two weeks, and if I still want the item after that, I’ll consider purchasing it.

It’s especially important to be cautious when buying limited edition items. Limited edition items create a sense of urgency since the purchasing window is limited. However, these items are often available on the secondary market. While you may end up paying a premium, it’s often more economical than buying unnecessary clothes in bulk.

Let’s create a closet that brings joy when you open its doors

How to stop buying clothes

A closet where your favorite clothes are neatly arranged becomes a joy to open. To create such a closet, it’s necessary to discern what clothes are truly essential to you. I hope this article serves as a reference for your future shopping endeavors.

However, please note that the content of this article is just one good method for me and may not be the best approach for everyone. Take it as a reference and enjoy creating the best closet for yourself!

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