New Balance 990V3 Review -An honest review after wearing for two years-

This article is New Balance 990V3 Review.I will provide an honest review based on my experience of wearing these shoes for two years.

New balance V3 First look

To cut straight to the point, these shoes are the best for people who walk a lot.

New Balance 990v3 is the best shoe for people who walk a lot

I work at a clothing store, and on days when I’m on shift, I walk between 15,000 to 20,000 steps per day.

Number of steps
I work from Friday to Sunday every week

The average man walks about 5,340 steps per day.

It seems like I’m walking three to four times the average distance.

When you’re walking distances exceeding 10,000 steps, you need to choose shoes from a different perspective than usual.

Not wearing appropriate shoes can lead to tired and sore feet. Additionally, as the afternoon wears on, my feet tend to swell, making shoes feel tight.

That’s why I’ve tried various shoes in the past. And the conclusion I arrived at was the NEW BALANCE 990 V3.

The reason why I choose New Balance in the first place

New balance logo

Before delving into the discussion about these shoes, I should explain why I started wearing New Balance in the first place.

New Balance is the manufacturer behind the shoes I’m introducing this time. New Balance is a company founded in 1906 in Boston, USA. In short, it is a company that produces many comfortable shoes. Initially established as a manufacturer of arch support insoles and corrective shoes for flat feet, they can create shoes that are kind to people’s feet

When compared to other manufacturers, New Balance stands out as the most suitable footwear for my job.

Allow me to briefly compare it with other manufacturers here.

No Nike and Adidas

Let’s start with the giants of the sneaker industry, Nike and Adidas.

These two are out of the question. They are not primarily designed for comfort in walking. Since their focus is on design, they might be challenging for walking over 10,000 steps. While some of their shoes prioritize comfort for walking, they don’t match New Balance in terms of seeking comfort as the primary goal.

However, they are excellent manufacturers of sports shoes. In fact, my basketball shoes are always Nike. Their Zoom technology is fantastic.

But they are not manufacturers specializing in making shoes for long hours of walking.

Asics and Hoka and Salomon is okay, But …

As for Asics, Hoka One One, and Salomon, the comfort is not an issue.

However, their distinctive appearance makes them difficult to pair with clothing. The soles may be too thick or the design may lean too much towards running shoes.

While one option could be to buy matching clothing, it’s not a choice I, as a minimalist, prefer to make. Therefore, these manufacturers are also ruled out as options.

Even when worn out, New Balance still looks cool

This is a matter of personal preference, but New Balance sneakers that have been worn for years look cool. They acquire a rich aging, akin to well-worn jeans.

Take, for example, my New Balance 990 V3;

This picture is when I bought New Balance 990 V3.

When I bought New new balance

After two years of use, my shoes ended up like this.

NEW BALANCE 990 V3 Side view
NEW BALANCE 990 V3 Back view

There are countless stylishly designed shoes out there. However, New Balance is the only one that remains cool even when worn out.

It’s important to remember that I walk more than the average person, so my shoes wear out quickly. For me, it’s crucial that even when they’re worn out, they still look cool.

New Balance 990v3 is the most comfortable of all New Balance shoes

I have worn a total of nine pairs of New Balance shoes. They include the following models

  • CM996
  • M998
  • M2040 V1
  • WR993
  • MR993
  • M990 V5
  • 2002R
  • 2002R GORETEX
  • M990V3

The shoes listed above are known for being comfortable.

However, the New Balance 990V3 takes comfort to the next level.

The reasons why the New Balance 990V3 is the most comfortable

Here, I will explain why the 990V3 is more comfortable compared to other shoes.

New Balance 990 V3 features a carbon shank, which plays an important role.

What is a shank?
A shank is a component that supports the arch of the foot, providing stability during walking. Typically found in high heels, pumps, and leather shoes, it’s referred to as the ‘arch support’ in footwear.

While sneakers generally don’t include a shank, New Balance V3 comes with a carbon shank.

Carbon shank

This carbon shank flexes moderately during walking and rebounds like a spring, reducing the load on the feet. For someone like me who walks for long hours, this support is crucial. Especially as the evening sets in, the difference becomes noticeable. With other shoes, my feet start to hurt, but with the New Balance 990 V3, both comfort and support are maintained.

A midsole with moderate elasticity

The midsole of the M990 V3 is equipped with a cushion called REVLITE, which combines cushioning and responsiveness.


Traditionally, other American-made New Balance shoes have featured a different cushion called Abzorb. In my experience, Abzorb can feel less cushioned unless you have a certain amount of body weight. As someone weighing 63 kilograms, I often find the cushioning to be too firm when wearing models with Abzorb. I think this is because my weight isn’t sufficient for the cushioning to function properly.

In fact, I ended up selling models like the M998 and M2040 V1 after only six months of use. These shoes feature Abzorb, which didn’t suit my body weight.

On the other hand, shoes like the CM996 and the M990 V3, which are equipped with Revlite, provide sufficient cushioning for me.

Moreover, Revlite excels in responsiveness. It efficiently converts the energy from landing into the energy for the next step, making it very comfortable for long walks.

A shape suitable for long periods of walking

Another characteristic of the New Balance 990v3 is its wide toe box. A wide toe box means that even after wearing the shoes for long periods, they won’t feel tight.

New Balance 990 v3 top View
These shoes do not have a tapered silhouette.

Human foot size typically increases by about 0.5 to 1.0 cm in the afternoon. This is because blood flows down and causes congestion in the feet.

In other words, shoes that fit comfortably in the morning may feel tight in the afternoon. Therefore, it’s important to buy shoes that can be comfortably worn even when your feet have enlarged.

The New Balance 990V3 excels in this regard. With its wide toe box, you can wear them comfortably even in the afternoon when your feet have expanded.

This is a bit disappointing…

The thinness of the tongue is the biggest drawback of the New Balance 990v3.


It is constructed to be extremely thin compared to other New Balance shoes, causing it to shift sideways during walking. Constantly readjusting it becomes very inconvenient.

Overall Evaluation

The 990 V3 is the perfect shoe for people who spend long hours standing or walking.

The combination of carbon shank and Revlite provides the best wearing comfort. If you are looking for comfortable shoes, I highly recommend giving them a try.

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